Fall Back! - JS13K

JS13K 2019 has wrapped up, so here’s my entry, Fall Back! Play as a scientist in a top-down maze, being hunted by a malfunctioning security robot. With no hope of destorying it, your only chance of survival is to run through the labyrinth of a facility sealing doors and using flares to track the robot’s position.

JS13K comes with the restriction of all final assets needing to total less than 13KB, Fall Back! comes in at 9.26KB. All graphics fit on a 128x128px image, which are then placed randomly at startup through the level. Extra textures, like door indicators and lighting effects are generated by code to an off-screen canvas.

All graphical assets from Fall Back!

Play my entry here, browse the source code here and check out the rest of this year’s entries at the JS13K website