Indiana Croft and the Mysterious Amulet

My third Ludum Dare entry, Indiana Croft and the Mysterious Amulet! This is my first time releasing a 3D game, and my first release using Unity. It makes the prototyping step so much faster. I made the models with MagicaVoxel which works really well for the environment but I wish I’d had time to animate the main character.

I’m really pleased with how the lighting effects came out, at first I was just relying on Unity’s built-in lighting system which works well enough, but right at the end I added faked volumetric lights. They’re just a cylinder with a transparent material but they really help sell windows in some of the levels.

I actually recorded all my progress for this competition, so you can see 48 hours of work compressed into 100 short seconds.

The game is playable in a web browser over at, although performance is not great. I think the lighting is killing that, so maybe combining meshes and baking lighting instead of relying on real-time lighting would help? Unity is really fast for prototyping, but polishing and optimising will need much more time I think.