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Automated Greenhouse Project

Last year during lockdown I grew chili peppers on my windowsil to liven up my flat. That went pretty well, and I grew enough to make hotsauce out of them.

Fall Back! - JS13K

JS13K 2019 has wrapped up, so here’s my entry, Fall Back! Play as a scientist in a top-down maze, being hunted by a malfunctioning security robot. With no ho...

Indiana Croft and the Mysterious Amulet

My third Ludum Dare entry, Indiana Croft and the Mysterious Amulet! This is my first time releasing a 3D game, and my first release using Unity. It makes the...

A Princess’ Request

My first Ludum Dare entry, A Princess’ Request. A sidescrolling platformer where you are tasked with restoring “The Machine” by a mysterious princess.